How to Choose a Round Brush Dryer

Hot-Air-BrushRund brushes work better at adding lift and texture to fine, limp hair than any other brushes. They can transform you into a head turning beauty in under 20 minutes at home. Round brushes can also be used for straightening a curly or wavy hair. Because of this, it’s no surprise that most hot air brush dryers come in a round brush form.

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A round brush dryer is, as its name implies, a rounded brush with a built-in dryer. This design enables you to accomplish the looks that you want while cutting down the amount of time and effort you spend on styling your hair. A round brush dryer lets you dry and style your hair simultaneously and using one hand only.

There’s a wide variety of round brush dryers in the market. There are ceramic round brush dryers and tourmaline ionic round brush dryers, 1-inch round brush dryers and ¾ inch brushes, etc. How do you choose the best round brush dryer for your hair?

Here are some general guidelines:

417UDrF9+mL._SL500_AA300_1. Barrel size. Round brush dryers come in all kinds of sizes. Your choice of brush size would depend on the level of volume or lift you want to achieve as well as the length of your hair. You get a small curl with a small brush (3/4 inch), a medium curl with a medium brush (1 inch), and lots of volume with a large brush. A small brush is best suited for short hair, while a long brush will benefit women with long hair. Large brushes also works better at straightening curly hair.

2. Type. There are three main types of round brush dryers: chrome, ceramic, and tourmaline. Chrome is cheaper, but it has a rough surface that may cause snagging, tangling, or breakage. It also takes longer to heat up.

A ceramic round brush dryer is more expensive, but it heats up quickly and evenly so there are no hotspots. They glide through hair easily and don’t create friction, so it doesn’t cause hair breakage or snagging. Ceramic brush dryers also emit negative ions, which reduce frizz and flyaway and makes hair shinier and smoother.

Tourmaline brush dryers are the most expensive type, but they heat up even much faster and release more negative ions than ceramic brush dryers.

3. Heat settings. Heat softens the hair by breaking its hydrogen bonds. When this happens, hair becomes much easier to style. When shopping for a round brush dryer, see if it includes temperature controls. This way, you can easily adjust the heat to your type of hair. Consider the maximum heat settings. If you have thick and coarse hair, then you will need very high temperature settings. If you have thin hair, then you will need lower temperature to prevent heat damage.

IMG_31984. Bristles. The bristles should be gentle on yet have a good hold on your hair. They should have cold tips to prevent scalp burns and hair damage.

5. Rotating vs. non-rotating barrel. Anyone who has used a round brush to style their hair knows what all that twisting and twist to get your hair smooth and frizz-free can mean to your arm. A rotating round brush dryer rotates the brush for you, eliminating nasty arm fatigue.

6. Grip. The handle should fit comfortably in your arms and should provide a good traction so the hot brush will not slip off your hand while using it.

Round brush dryers are widely available in retail stores and beauty supplies stores online and offline, but it takes some effort and inspiration to find the best brush for you hair type and styling needs.

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