Understanding Ceramic Hair Brushes

Best hot air brushMany hair brushes available today feature ceramic technology. Ceramic hair brushes are more expensive than standard hairbrushes, but are they actually worth the extra price?

The Technology Behind Ceramic Hair Brushes

A ceramic hair brush typically consists of ceramic plating over metal. Ceramic, which is a hard, inorganic material made from clay, heats up quickly and evenly, emits negative ions, and glides through hair easily.

A ceramic hair brush typically comes in a round form. The barrel has vents on them that allow hot air to pass through and heat up the brush while you are blow-drying. The heat helps break down hydrogen bonds in the hair, making your locks smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. A ceramic hairbrush can get really hot, so it’s useful for making wavy blowouts, too.

When shopping, look for a ceramic hair brush with ceramic plating and not just ceramic coating so you’ll reap the optimal benefits of ceramic technology. You’ll also find ceramic hairbrushes made of pure ceramic, but they are generally more expensive.

Key Features and Benefits of a Ceramic Hair Brush

A ceramic hairbrush offers the following benefits:

• Perfect temperature. In hairstyling, heat is important for softening hair and making it easier to style. Ceramic plates depend on an external source (e.g. hot air from a blow dryer) to increase temperature. Even so, ceramic brushes heat up quickly and so speed up hair drying process. By shortening the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat from blow dryer, ceramic hair brushes help avoid hair damage. Since ceramic plates heat up evenly, you don’t end up with burned spots.

• Constant temperature. A ceramic hairbrush transfers heat to the hair during styling, but it also has a capability of regaining heat quickly so optimum temperature is maintained. This way, you are able to style your hair faster and continuously. You don’t have to go through the same section over and over again.

• Negative ions. Ceramic hairbrushes emit negative ions, which counteracts positive ions in hair, eliminating static electricity. This, in turn, eliminates flyaway and frizzes. Negative ions also repair and seal damaged hair cuticle, and locks in hair’s natural oils for a smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair.

• Smooth styling. Ceramic hairbrushes glide through hair easily, so there’s no snagging and pulling.

Ceramic and Tourmaline

Tourmaline is usually added to ceramic, so when you buy a tourmaline hair brush, you also get the benefits of ceramic. Tourmaline, however, produces more negative ions, regain heat faster, and spread heat more evenly than ceramic.

Hence, when tourmaline is added, a ceramic hair brush dries hair faster. The results are also better. You should know, though, that ceramic alone is already good for your hair, but if you want the best results, then consider investing in a hairbrush that use both ceramic and tourmaline technology.

Where to Buy a Ceramic Hair Brush?

Ceramic hair brushes are readily available in retail stores and some pharmacies online and offline. Some retail stores you can check for your favorite brands are Amazon, Ulta, and Wal-Mart. Prices for ceramic hairbrushes range from $20 to $80.