Bellezza Flat Iron Review

Bellezza flat iron review

You can get this Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino straightener for no more than $32,99 which is a great deal for a Pro brand.

Used for straightening but also for curling Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino Straightener Animal Print is better than most straighteners considered pioneers in styling, with its right sized shape and just enough ionic and ceramic technology.

The only way you could go wrong with this straightener is overpaying for it!

Some of our salon clients claim to have paid around $80 or even $100 for this straightener – a price similar to CHI Professional version used normally for styling at Miss World competitions. The endurance of these tools that have to be plugged in for up to 6 hours a day, for days in a row while they style tens of contestants requires a special design that justifies the steep price. And even CHI is available now at a discounted price at Amazon.

If you just need a very good iron, Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino Straightener Animal Print is suitable even for daily use. Just do not pay more than $45 for it!

Is Bellezza flat iron Good? –Key Features and Benefits

Aside from the cute animal print design, is there any other reason why you should buy the Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino? Here are its key features:

• Ionic Technology. The Bellezza Lumino Straightener features ionic technology that helps smoothens hair as well as seal in the hair cuticle.

Bellezza lumino flat iron review• No Frizz. Thanks to the ceramic plates and ionic technology, users enjoy no frizz hair and no more fly aways.

• Quick Styling. Since he ceramic plates are easily heated, there is less waiting time to start styling the hair.

• Professional Results. Bellezza Lumino flat iron is designed for use at home with salon professional results at no cost.

• Temperature Settings. The variable temperature settings are suitable for different hair types. The temperature starts from 140°F to 450°F.

• Straighten and Curl. The Bellezza Lumino Straightener is dual purpose. You can use it to curl and straighten hair.

• Microprocessors. The ceramic plates are monitored by microprocessors that ensures that the far infrared technology makes the hair smoother and healthier.

How Does It Compare to Similar Products?

The Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino Straightener fairs well with its closest competitor, the Herstyler Classic Zebra Hair Straightener. When it comes to price, there is very little difference. The Bellezza costs approx $37 on Amazon, while the Herstyler Classic Zebra cost $32. As for the features, they are almost the same. You can also curl and straighten hair with the Herstyler Classic Zebra. But if you’re a fan of the color pink, you better go with the Bellezza Lumino Straightener.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

This solid ceramic iron can use more advanced technology like maybe adding tourmaline, titanium or pearls. The price of the high-tech hair styling tools is in the same range but of course, there are the more popular brands that are pricier.

What Others are Saying?

At, there have been 45 reviews for this product and 30 users gave it a 5 out of 5 stars. Many users are impressed with the Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino straightener. They really love the design as it is ee-catching. But, their happiness with their purchase goes beyond the design of the straightener only. They like its performance and how well the Bellezza Flat Iron Lumino can straighten thick hair. Some users even go to say that the Bellezza Lumino is amazing! Read more…