Hair Straightening Brush – Buying Guide

Styling with hot straightening brushA straightening iron works by breaking hydrogen bonds in the hair. While very effective, it can damage your hair in the long run. If you are looking for a safer and cheaper alternative to getting sleek, frizz-free locks, consider a hair straightening brush.

A hair straightening brush is often confused with a straightening iron. That’s because they are used for the same purpose: to tame unruly, disheveled hair and make it look poker straight.Some designs even posses the same clamp-like, double plates look. Basically, that’s where the similarity ends.

Hair straightening brushes come in 2 shapes:

1. Hot air rotating round barrel that drys the hair while straightening it. They are extremely effective on long or short hair, be it thin or thick, curly or not. Read our guide to choosing the best rotating hair brush for more insights on what you should look for and latest models released on the market.

Conair Infinity Pro Spin Brush is to date the absolute bestseller champion both in online and offline, and also the winner of the Beauty Star Award. Read or full review of this amazing styling tool here.


2. Two rectangular brushes facing each other, similar to the metal or ceramic plates found in flat irons. The only caveat to using this model of straightening brush is that you need to use it with a blow dryer or other heating tool. That’s because the classic hair-straightening brushes do not emit heat on their own like flat irons. Instead, they come with heat-retaining materials for trapping heat coming from a blow dryer.

What to look for in a hair straightening brush?

If you have frizzy, unruly hair, a hair straightening brush may help you tame it and make it more manageable. Hair straightening brushes helps you achieve silky, smooth hair just like a standard hair straightener or flat iron but without the damage. They’re growing in popularity because people find them effective and convenient to use. They are also small enough to fit into purse so you can bring it with you anywhere you go. There are plenty of hair straightening brushes available on the market. Some of the more popular brands are Conair, Vega, Avon, DenMan, Chi, Scalpmaster, and Babyliss.

Not all brushes are alike, but finding the best hair straightening brush is not difficult. Here are some things to look for when shopping for a hair straightening brush:

1. Nylon bristles. Choose hair straightening brushes with nylon and boar bristles, as they keep hair smooth and soft without hurting your scalp and without causing hair breakage.

2. Cushioned handle. You should be able to use the brush comfortably. You should be able to clamp the barrels together without exerting extra effort. You should be able to move the device through your hair with ease.

3. Tourmaline technology. Hair straightening brushes with tourmaline plates heat up faster. They also produce more negative ions, which neutralizes the effects of positive ions such as frizz, flyaway. As a result, you have a sleek, poker-straight, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

4. Ceramic technology. Like tourmaline, ceramic plates help make hair shinier and smoother by releasing negative ions. It also speeds up hair straightening process when paired with a hairdryer.

5. Ball-tipped bristles. These prevent tangles and snagging when drying your hair.

6. Consider the brush shape. If you have short to medium-length hair, flat brush would work better for you. If you have long hair, consider getting a roller brush.

Finally, don’t forget to read or full product reviews here and here. The experience other people have had with a particular hair straightening brush can give you an idea of how the product performs in real-life situations.


  1. Danielle K says

    Does anyone know the name of the hair straightener that was featured on the show Paid Programing. It was a round soft bristle barel hot iron. The iron on it didnt get hot and the bristles moisterized the hair. It could straighten or curl the hair. It looked like a Round Hair Brush.

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